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Still one of my favorites, this was taken in 1976 at a 'peak moment' of a lovely walk through the hills above Pescadero, California.



Although digital cameras have yet to reach the resolution and ease of film cameras, they do exhibit excellent color  fidelity. Here is a sunset shot with my Toshiba PDR-M1.



This eastern sky sunset panorama was shot in the mid 1970's from the roof of the mansion in Atherton, from which many wonderful skies were enjoyed and photographed.


Comet Hale-Bopp was a magnificent sight away from the city lights. This image combined photographic and artistic techniques to capture the view as seen. A cloud passing in front of the Moon allowed the Zodiacal Light to be captured during the exposure.


This striking view of the reflection and refraction of light by suspended ice crystals was shot on digital video from a jetliner, then composited to minimize window reflections, etc. The Suns reflection near the middle is bright enough to cause 'sun dog' type displays on either side of it, while a rarely seen parabolic arc hangs above the bright sun reflection. The Sun itself is just above the top of the frame.


One of the smoke rings left from a detonation of the 'gas cannon' at one of the 'Burning man' festivals





A mid 1970's twilight glows later stages seen from Bean Hollow beach. At one point when I stumbled I noticed how much of the twilight was reflected from a lower vantage point, and this photograph resulted.



A fantastic sunset seen from the mid-peninsula near San Francisco in 1990. A stretched-out towering cloud roof open to the west allowed the last rays of the sun seen from high altitudes to bath the dynamic looking textures of the clouds undersides with a scarlet radiance.




Among my favorite places to photograph the Southwest is Monument Valley, in my seven trips there it has never looked the same twice.



As dawn broke on the day of the first launch attempt of STS-1, the first Space Shuttle mission, the artificial and natural lighting delicately inter played for a few magic minutes.




During the initial return of data from the Voyager 1 Saturn encounter a few spontaneous gatherings occurred during which space related journalists gathered in a circle around mission scientists in Von Karman Auditorium next to the full scale replica of the spacecraft whose missions filled in so much of the emptiness in our knowledge of the outer Solar System.