3D images

These pictures require the use of analglyph, or RED and GREEN glasses. Use the 'green' (usually more of a turquoise) filter on the right eye.


A full sized model of the MER rovers at the jet propulsion Laboratory, which appears behind many a television reporter these days. 196K.





Another view of the full sized Rover model, this one from the side. The lighting was very poor for such photos. 396K





The camera of the full scale model is detailed here. 56K







A reduced scale model of the MER Rover, also at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. 200K





The Viking 'Science Test lander' mockup at JPL. The lower camera covers are missing. 496K





The 'scan platform' of the Voyager spacecraft, from a stereo pair photographed from the full sized mockup at the Von Karmen Auditorium at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. 144K




A side view of the Voyager 'scan platform', showing more of the placement of the various cameras as covered in the actual thermal coverings. Most pictures of Voyager leave these out, but this is how it actually looks. 200K





An engineering mockup of the Mars Pathfinder lander in it's 'sandbox' room at JPL. The spacecraft and rover models differ in some details from the flight versions, but much information on both can be seen in stereo which may help artists and modelers dealing with this subject. 190K




The Mars Polar Lander spacecraft mockup at JPL as it was exibited at Von Karman Auditorium, opposite from the Voyager model shown above. 148K




A detail of the top of the Mars Polar Lander spacecraft. 52K






Digital photos taken during a shuttle mission to the 'ISS' space station were used to make this 3D image. 642K.






The 36 inch refracting telescope of Lick Observatory is the second largest such telescope ever built. It still provides stunning views of the heavens. 60K.




A pair of Apollo 17 photographs taken from displaced viewpoints were combined into this stereo image. 736K






Photos shot in rapid sequence from an airliner are an excellent way to capture stereo pairs of cloud formations. 76K





A collection of ariel photos of the High Sierras, taken in the first half of the 20th century, were in a collection of many prints offered for sale in an antique show after the estate of the deceased photogropher was dispersed. Two were seen to form a nice stereo pair as I went through the pile of prints. This is the result of scanning that pair. 102K.



A pair of pictures taken with my new Nikon digital camera were used to capture the vines loosely wrapped around a palm tree. 224K.





Two pictures taken of insects in amber at the Houston Museum of Natural Science were combined to form this stereo pair, giving a glimpse of a vanished world preserved in a glob of tree sap millions of years ago. 100K.



This is a computer graphic image, made of 2 frames of an animated flyby of Eta Carina, an active star expelling bubbles of glowing gases. 136K




Somehow Carter Emmart, A.K.A. 'Mistress Barbie' managed to hold still long enough for me to shoot a decent stereo pair with my digital camera at 'Burning Man'. 84K




A stereo pair of digital camera pictures of a rather intimidating looking toy making an appearence at the 1999 Burning Man festival. 56K




At Burning Man 2000 I saw an amazing glow wire sculpture of a starfish, delicately modeled in many shining multicolored coils. 116K




Burning Man 2001 featured many outstanding works of art, but this giant wooden 'mausoleum' was the most impressive thing on the Playa that year. 280K.




Also at Burning Man 2001 was this large lion sculpture. 108K.





A closeup stereo pair of an unusual flower in my back yard. 296K.






Burning Man 2002 featured the second monumental ephemeral temple by Pete Best and company. This view of the facade suggests the multilayered complexity anf the thinness of the walls. 312K.





Another striking creation seen at Burning Man 2002 was this unique vehicle which rode on two great wheels with the seat and contrils hanging between them. A massive speaker and a flame thrower extends from the sides. 104K.