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Art and photography

Shigemi Numazawa-Excellent artist and photographer, perhaps Japan's leading space artist.

Iasos-A musician who takes you to celestial realms through his richly textured compositions. His shows have included visual accompaniment by stunning photography and paintings, whose images are sampled in his visionary artists gallery.

Ctein's online gallery-the work of a great photographer, who includes space material among his varied subjects.

U. S. Copyright Office-The greatest protection we artists have for our intellectual property


Image resources

The STSCI Digitized Sky Survey- Red and blue images of much of the sky, exposed to bring out fainter stars and nebulae. A great resource!

Voyager Image Query Form- To find all the Voyager photos in their original form for mosaics and colour processing. Involved interface, one might want to order the CD set.

Hubble image releases-Many an astonishing image comes from this amazing instrument. I wish they used RGB filters on deep sky objects, however. The Hubble Heritage project periodically releases more material from their archives. You can do the same using raw frames from the STSCI archives.

Very Large Telescope astronomical images-Exciting higher resolution telescopic images from one of a new generation of hi-tech telescopes.

National Optical Astronomy Observatory-A continuing source of new high quality astronomical images, especially in near infra red wavelengths

Anglo-Australian Observatory-A long time source of excellent images of deep sky objects.

The Two Micron All Sky Survey at IPAC- near infra red images of the sky, peering through much of the dust.

NASA shuttle missions photo gallery-a lot of crew shots to wade past, but many digital photos taken during recent flights can be found here.

A Russian Planetary Exploration site- Here can be found many pristine scans of Soviet era planetary probe images. Best sections are not in English.

Goldstone Solar System Radar-Radar studies of solar system objects is an obscure but fascinating frontier with growing potential.


Some planetary image and map sites

GOES project science- Current weather satellite images, some very high res, however the Indian full disk images are dropping too many lines to be worth seeing. Unfortunately Meteosat full globe images seem to be unavailable as non gridded high res files.

Goddard Space Flight Center 'Blue Marble' Earth texture- The highest resolution free dataset of our home planet, as good as textures costing thousands of dollars from some commercial vendors.

MOLA Mars topographic data-Here are the highest resolution grayscale maps of Mars, some are quite huge!

USGS Clementine derived Lunar maps- Hi res color maps based on the Clementine data set.

David Seal's JPL site- A classic web source of planetary maps.

Bjorn Jonsson's homepage- His expert use of processing techniques and recent material makes his planetary maps among the best.

Johnston's Archive- The 'Space Art' section Whatever you may think of the rest of his site, this page contains the best summary of available planetary maps I have seen as well as some nice renderings of his own.

'Space Graphics' planetary map and mesh site by Mario Rossi. Some recent recompilations of Earth and Mars texture maps, some at high resolution.



EFG's color page-Lots of links to resources on colour, as technical as you can take!

The Cosmic Spectrum-What colour is everything, anyway?



About the A4/V2-Devoted to the rocket that started it all.

The Project Apollo Archive-Kipp Teague's extensive database on Project Apollo. Includes many images and links to many more.

Apollo Lunar Surface Journal-Extensive record of the actual lunar explorations, with many cross referenced transcripts and photos.

Apollo Saturn Reference page-Many resources for painters and modelers of Apollo space hardware.

PDF Space Documents- many NASA press release documents and other publications in PDF format.

N-1 Photo clearinghouse-Collection of various site's N-1 images.

Hobbyspace-Space Modeling-many space modeling resources are presented here.

DOE atmospheric nuclear test gallery-A great collection of amazing pictures of nuclear explosions!

Nuclear Wallpaper Image Collection-More fantastic images of vast unbelievable events

Atomic Veterans History Project-fascinating first hand accounts, some with photographs, of atomic tests and their often tragic medical consequences. This group also sell videos of atomic test films.

Ed Reitan's Color Television History-Fascinating articles and images of the beginning of colour television using the 50 year old NTSC video standard.


Current sky events

Heavens-above-What's up?

Satellite decay watch-what's coming down?


Computational Astronomy

Vincent Icke's Planetary Nebulae and Jet Collimation-Ongoing work on Black Holes, Jetting physics, and Planetary Nebulae

Accretion disks and proto-stars-some exciting new insights on distant dynamic events

Simulations of an outburst in IP Peg-more recent work to understand accretion disks with observational and computational methods.

Accretion disk simulation movies-wonderful computer visualizations of accretion disks.


Literary and Science Fiction

Mike Hodel's Hour 25-After a long run on KPFK, that Pacifica station's greedy policies caused the program, run by Warren James and Suzanne Gibson and engineer Burt Handelsman, to move on to the WWW.

Gregory Benford's 1970 Essay 'View From Titan'-An account of a visit to the studio of Chesley Bonestell, which includes references to me at an early stage of my career .

The World, The Flesh, and The Devil-an essay by an influential thinker, J.D. Bernal, for whom Gerard O'Neill named his spherical space colony design.

'2001: A Space Odyssey Internet Resource Archive-many things available online concerning this seminal movie